Grass-fed beef is healthy and tasty, and even better if it’s Scottish Highland beef.  
Their long horns, furry coats, and generally docile dispositions make them a favorite
among heritage varieties.  Scottish Highland cattle were developed and bred centuries
ago among the hills and valleys of the highlands area of Scotland.  Scottish and Scots-
Irish immigrants brought the breed to this country, and it’s no wonder that they
continue to flourish among the hills and valleys of western Pennsylvania.

Highland cattle are highly adaptable to a diet of 100% grass and forages because of
their heritage.  Their thick coat means that they require far less fat for insulation and
therefore yield low fat beef.  Grass-fed beef is healthier than the more conventional
grain-fed beef, not only because of lower fat content, but also because it contains
higher volumes of Omego and Linoleic acids.  The British royal family maintains a herd
of Highlands for their own use at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.  Grass feeding is also
nature’s way of producing healthy and happy cattle.  Our Pittsburgher Highlands are
raised on 100% pasture and never confined to cramped and dirty buildings or
feedlots.  Check out for more info about the grass-fed movement
and cooking recipes.  Also visit or www. for more information about this unique breed.

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