Boldly Live Where Others Won't
An Introduction To Urban Pioneering

by Mark Harvey Smith
Mark Harvey Smith,


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752 Rebecca Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Boldly live where others have fled, and make some
money while you’re at it.  This 242-page volume is for
the visionaries truly willing to live their dreams, and
to help make communities and neighborhoods safer
and stronger in the process.  Discover the rewards,
and learn to handle the challenges of living and
owning property in America’s undervalued markets –
primarily inner-city neighborhoods and small towns
on the “Cutting Edge” of rebound.

Examine your wants and needs to determine if such
a unique adventure is suited to you.  Learn how to
find the right property – the “diamond in the rough” –
and how to finance it, rehab it and live in it.  Take
advantage of bargain multi-unit deals in these
overlooked areas and learn to become a responsible
landlord while enhancing the quality of life for you,
your tenants and your community.

Readers will gain the knowledge to create for
themselves a more meaningful life, home and
environment by mastering the concept of urban
husbandry over urban renewal.  Boldly Live is part
textbook and part story, offering a hands-on guide to
Urban Pioneering backed by real-life experiences.

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