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The Unconventional Approach

Most real estate benefits from conventional marketing such as multi-lists, ads and agent contacts; but
unique properties require a unique approach.  While any licensed agent is capable of listing property, we
enact a
proactive effort that emphasizes the property and focuses on maximum exposure to the target audience.

Real estate consulting work is our primary business, and we therefore don’t list properties often.  When we do, however,
we focus intently on marketing that listing.  This gives the seller the benefit of a customized marketing effort specific to
their property and its own unique circumstances.

Instead of casting a wide net to a large audience, we focus on a more likely, narrower audience for the given property,
and market intensively to that audience.  This approach does not rely so much on advertising as much as it relies on
informed prospecting.  It’s not for everyone, and it’s certainly not for every property; but it is the right approach for
you when you need
special attention from a specialized broker.

Like most traditional firms we are still commission-based, but our unique approach moves some of the commission
resources to the front of the transaction to pay for a customized marketing effort, while still leaving the bulk of the
compensation at the end of the cycle in order to create the right incentives.  It doesn’t cost more; but it definitely delivers
more and only costs different.  

If the conventional approach hasn’t worked for you, then maybe it’s time to try the
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